Hannover / 2012

modular construction system at lightweight construction

Piecing buildings together like producing cars – bringing together components with high precision and their own aesthetic value. Is this utopian? The question is whether architects will continue to plan individual objects or whether they will offer numerous variations of a modular system encompassing individuality with reproducibility and aesthetic quality. Timeless, valuable, economic, sustainable, practical, adjustable, energy efficient and reusable – these are the requirements a modern building system has to fulfil. Steel is the material that facilitates such modern production methods.

The modular building system employing lightweight steel design was developed in the scope of interdisciplinary work promoted by the research group Stahl e. V.. This “architectural system” demonstrates the possibilities achievable with integrated modular elements. Based on the highest technical standards, a modular system can evolve as an intelligent and sustainable building of the future.


Research Group Steel e.V. FOSTA




ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner