Hamburg Harbour City / 2005

Competition 1st Prize

This project in the new Sandtorkai ensemble is at the entrance to the Sandtorkai harbour. Following the master plan, the building consists of two residential sections thrusting out over the water. They are linked by a central access core and are immediately adjacent to the office section added on the north side. The prestigious, two-storey entrance is on the square on the east side, the second entrance, on the polder level, provides both access to the commercial spaces and a flood-free escape route. The office spaces, which make different organizational forms possible, face the public space, while the dwellings turn towards the water on the south side. The loggia at the front, in the form of a continuous double façade, functions as an escape route. Protection from sun, wind and noise vary according to use.


Bauverein zu Hamburg Immobilien GmbH


2003 – 2005


7.800 sqm


Competition Architekten Schweger + Partner Schweger Reifenstein Schneider Kohl Meyer; LP 1-5 and arty control ASP Architekten Schweger Partner Schneider Kohl Meyer