1st Prize Micro Apartments Hanover Nordstadt

Hanover / 2015

Competition for Realisation

A new hanova residential building for students and trainees will be developed in Hanover-Nordstadt on the corner of Weidendamm/Kopernikusstra├če including a commercial area on the ground floor. With this development, the existing curved residential buildings will be complemented and brought to conclusion with a striking definition of the corner space. The protective wall of the perimeter block development is taken up towards the courtyard and gradually lowered to the height of the inner buildings around the courtyard. Additionally, there will be a roof terrace on the 4th floor providing an exclusive outdoor area for all residents of the building.






2015 - 2017


120 RUs, 5.800 qm GFA


Work stages 1-4, ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partnerschaft mbB