Hamburg / 2002

Realisation Competition 2nd Prize

zThe task of the BMI is the research and study of tropical and sub-tropical pathogenic infectious agents. The BNI has further expanded its international renowned leading position as a competence centre for tropical medicine over the past years. Due to the shortage of spatial facilities at the institute, it was necessary to make a structural expansion. In doing so, the handling of this activity has to be taken into consideration, especially when it is genetically altered and where there are demands for the highest safety requirements.

The new construction is sited in a prominent location on the slopes of the River Elbe and manifests itself assertively with its own design quality in a dialogue with the local scenery and especially with the dominant Schumacher Building. The annex structure relates itself in its proportion to the historical building for laboratory animals on this site. The two-storey building has a large roof - and is here thematised by a massive plinth and glassed upper floors.


12.000 sqm


Architekten Schweger + Partner Schweger Reifenstein Schneider Kohl Meyer