Hannover / 2014

3rd prize competition by invitation

This building ensemble will form an integral part of the planned ”New Quarter“ completing the existing urban context with its clear periphery. At the same time and due to its striking arrangement and the higher office building the entrance to the area of the former Südbahnhof (Southern Station) has a significant portal-like effect. 

The clear block perimeter development encloses a tranquil, sheltered courtyard area opening towards the green corridor of the new path of these premises. The perimeter development is oriented by the horizons of the surrounding constructions, hence strengthening the character of the individual street areas. With the structures that are slightly inclined towards the corner of the block small square-like free spaces are formed in front of the office building as well as at the entrance of the path and towards the gestural opening of the courtyard. 

The residential construction comprises three house groups each of them with symmetrically arranged individual residential units which have a clear address. They are accessible through the stairs facing the street and are organized in classic buildings with two to three apartments. These simple cubic buildings are structured in a three-dimensional way through loggia-like recesses, porches with terraces and roofed offsets in the entrance areas. 

The office building is located in the angled part of the block perimeter development with its long-side vertically facing the new access road. This seven-storey building is below the high-rise limit with a super-elevation of the highest storey which can be used as a conference area and giving this construction a particularly striking appeal. The easy to find entrance is well sheltered and located in the two-storey undercut of the building. 

In the southwest of the quarter the buildings open up and offer space for a generous entrance to the courtyard. Terraced and greened stair and ramp facilities provide barrier-free access to the slightly elevated courtyard. The courtyard constitutes a place for communal activities as well as a place for recreation and contemplation.


14.800 m² BGF


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partnerschaft mbB