Residential Area Altenbekener Damm

Hannover / 2013

Realization Competition 2nd Prize

This new construction forms an integral part of the surrounding city structure and constitutes a small quarter with its own unique identity. Hanover's typical perimeter block development is further developed into an urban composition consisting of space-shaping solitary buildings. 

These uniform four-storey structures are integrated into the skyline of the existing structures and the mature trees on this avenue. On the west side towards lake Maschsee, a striking six storey building marks the access to the southern part of the city and opens towards the courtyard facing the lake. 

Each group of houses consists of symmetrically structured and clearly identifi-able house units with an unambiguous address which are organized as a classic structure with two to three apartments with barrier-free access on each floor. The arrangement of the space is clearly divided into individual and community space, the latter in all apartments being organized according to the open-plan principle. On the basis of differing degrees of open and enclosed space, highly individual apartments of different sizes for distinct lifestyles can be realized.


9.500 sqm


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner