Hannover / 2011

Realization Competition 2nd Prize

As a municipal further education institution, the "Volkshochschule" (VHS, adult education centre) offers a broad variety of courses on the latest developments in the economy, technology, society and social affairs. For modern urban societies, life-long learning for their citizens is an important investment in the future. The designated location at Hohes Ufer guarantees socially, regionally and content-wise, accessibility for all groups of society. The existing conditions of this old school building provide the opportunity of transforming the premises into a modern communication building which enhances the students` stay and offers a pleasant atmosphere conducive to study and learning. The building is being reintegrated into the local surroundings. With its distinctive structure, it will become a part of the enclosed old city periphery towards Hohes Ufer and with the great old assembly hall and its cafeteria it will open on to the promenade. Towards Burgstrasse, its appearance is divided more into small sections in this area of contrast between buildings from the Middle Ages and the rebuilding in 1950s after the war. Its aspect on to the new VHS Square has an open and welcoming appeal and is timelessly modern. All three aspects are variations of a common design theme which is to express the enjoyment of learning.


9.200 sqm


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner