Wolfsburg / 2012

Townplanning 1st Prize

The new Höfe im Goethepark (courtyards in Goethepark) complete the important Höfe Quarter from the 30s and with its clear periphery, form its border towards the park on the central north-south axis. These two courtyards are incorporated into the hierarchical principle of alignment of the entire facility and are both surrounded by space-defining individual constructions, the scale of which is orientated to the already existing buildings. Due to the staggered arrangement of the individual buildings and the spaces between likewise in the rest of the quarter, a diversified sequence results with differing transition between communal and semi-communal areas. The new uniform three-storey buildings blend in well with the field of vision of the existing constructions and the trees of the park landscape. The individual house groups consist of symmetric, clearly visible housing units with a clear address, which are structured in classic units of two or three apartments, the ground floors of which provide barrier-free access. The longer row of houses along the north-south promenade will be equipped with a covered courtyard passage, a typical element of the quarter which with an appealing touch leads to the centre of this complex.


16.000 sqm


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner