Karlsruhe / 2002

Competition 1st Prize

The historic industrial building will largely be preserved and restored. Its overall form as well as sequence of and alternation beween large halls and multi-storey structures formed the basis for its newly articulated workshop character. Studio 1 of the School of Design is built next to the ‘Kubus’ and the media theatre of the ZKM Centre for Art and Media Technology. It consists of an RC structure and a stainless-steel skin which, with its chamaeleon-like surface, conveys a glimpse of its medial content and utilisation as a video or scenographic studio, as well as improving the acoustics of the open halls. Here we created the least predetermined open hall of the entire structure, which offers multple uses: for exhibitions and receptions, or as an auditorium. For these purposes, a large sliding door can be opened to turn Studio 1 into a stage. Now, finally, it is possible to implement the idea of a continuous inner communications axis connecting the Municipal Gallery via ZKM and School of Design with the Museum of New Art at the north end of the ensemble.


State of Baden-Württemberg


1999-2002 Studio 2005


20.800 sqm


LP 2-8 Architekten Schweger + Partner Schweger Reifenstein Schneider Kohl Meyer