Hannover / 1994

Competition 3rd Prize

Due to the space-occupying adjoining buildings, particularly the Ministry of Finance, the project site at the Schiffgraben was never considered a disruptive gap before the time of the competition. Consequently it was not considered necessary to design a new building in keeping with the exsting ones whose individual character and appearance had to be preserved.

As a result, the proposal called for a rather modest façade as a sort of endpiece, stretched out like a smooth, shining skin which reflects the scale, layering, proportion and open configurations of the neighbouring buildings and at the same time possesses a degree of abstractness and neutrality so as to avoid competition with the historical buildings.

The quiet, modest façade also enhances the emphasis on the entrance area with its round tower as the new cultural center of the Sparkassenschule. The public status and claims of the building in terms of its cultural uses can be experienced in the forecourt as a kind of enclosed entrance area, the ramp wall leading into this court, the visual longdistance effect of the tower, and the transparency of the entrance situation. The particular character of the building as a school manifests itself in the open spaces and the differentiated spatial sequences with transparent areas full of light which are highly conducive to fostering creativity.






25.000 sqm


LP 1-9 Architekten Schweger + Partner Schweger Wöhler Reifenstein Kohl Schneider