Museum of Fine Arts

Wolfsburg / 1994

International Competition 1st Prize

The design theme was ‘a museum as an urban loggia’ spanning a wide variety of activities under its dominating, oversailing roof and marking the entrance to the city from the South in the field of tension between Hans Scharoun’s City Theatre and Alvar Aalto’s Cultural Centre. The museum is conceived as a sequence of space with different identities – as a neutral casing and as both a frame and background for the exhibits. In recent years, new museum buildings have focused either on the permanent collection or on changing exhibitions. A mixture of both, as desired in Wolfsburg, assumed the character of a prototype. There are still no comparable models. A novel skylight roof directs zenith daylight into the exhibition hall via micro-grids and enables visitors to enjoy a new way of viewing art in natural light. At night the Wolfsburg Art Museum is an illuminated container – which, depending on where the viewer stands, seems to float in space.


Kunststiftung Volkswagen




13.900 sqm


LP 1-5, 6-9 part. Architekten Schweger + Partner Schweger Reifenstein Schneider Kohl Meyer