Astana / Kasachstan / 2008

Realization Competition 1st Prize

This distinctive congress centre will lay emphasis on culture and business in the development of the new capital.

The clearly structured peripheries incorporate the building into the urban context. The five-storey peripheral development which is subdivided by caesuras, symbolizes security and openness at the same time and includes conference areas on two floors and offices on the upper storeys.

In the central area, a roofed "outdoor space", two large volume constructions constitute the focal body of this complex: The hotel in a rotunda and the spacious hall in a rectangular cube.

The five-star hotel has more than 350 rooms and suites on nine levels, a sky lobby on the topfloor level, shops, lounges, bars, a fitness area in the ground floor area as well as ball rooms and large restaurants in the side wings. In cooperation with Siebrecht Architekten Hamburg


168.950 sqm


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner