Residential Area Groß-Buchholz Hannover

Hannover / 2013

Townplanning Competition 3rd Prize

The new buildings on the premises of the former hospital Oststadtkrankenhaus will blend in as an integral part of the surrounding urban structure forming a new residential area with its own unique identity. The park-like character of the premises with their links to the landscape will be the main theme of the complex in its entirety. 

 A park will form the centre of the new quarter which from north to south connects the urban transport axis Podbielskistraße with the landform of the Mittelland Canal and from east to west, the two neighboring residential areas. The simple shape of the park is defined by the clear periphery of the framework of the individual construction areas, where the scale of the erected buildings will be orientated to their respective surroundings. The quarter is accessible via two U-shaped streets from the east and the west which guarantee a completely undisturbed open space in its centre. 

In the park itself, there are loosely arranged solitary structures with five storeys designed as town houses offering generous city apartments surrounded by greenery.


300 housing unit


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner