Berlin / 2000

Visible over a great distance, the brick tower of the former NARVA-light-bulb factory with the new, glazed tower at its head proclaims a new beginning at the Ostbahnhof – the East Station. The factory buildings dating from 1903 – 08 were rebuilt retaining their listed facades and complemented with a new building continuing the ground plan structure of the district. The five storey tower floats over the old building. It has a twin-shell glass façade, glows at night and is reminiscent of the glowing NARVA cube on the same suite. Offices for service companies are now housed on the factory levels, along with other businesses and homes, and the new building on the ground floor also houses retail facilities.


HVB, Sirius


1998 – 2000


63.000 sqm


LP 1-5 Architekten Schweger + Partner Schweger Reifenstein Schneider Kohl Meyer