Hamburg / 2003

Competition 1st Prize

The German Pension Insurance Headquarters at the former Farmsen trotting racecourse is light, glazed architecture with a reticent presence. Its large-scale, powerful, square shape relates to the scale of the surrounding landscape and the racecourse. The diagonal shows the way to the car park wich for the time being is occupying the footprint of the planned second building phase. The matrix-like low buildings, also placed on a diagonal, structure the interior of the square as five garden courtyards, which are protected from noise. The glazed double façade, personalized by ventilation flaps that can be opened individually, and reflecting the weather and the vegetation, helps prevent the voluminous, six-storey building from acquiring a monumental quality, and it is additionally articulated by the protruding stairwells. The fruit trees and areas of water in the recreation area in the inner courtyard, complement the surrounding area with its mixed orchards and lake landscape.


LVA/ German Pension Insurance


2000 – 2003


46.000 sqm


LP 1-9 Architekten Schweger + Partner Schweger Reifenstein Schneider Kohl Meyer