Berlin / 2005

Realization Competition 4th Prize

An introverted office complex for 4.000 employees (with an option to expand to 5.000) with high security demands was needed, and yet the building mass, covering 10 ha, had to fit in with its surroundings in a way that was tolerable to the city. An interlinked block structure articulates the “secret city”, responding specifically to the neighbourhood on all sides: accompaying the street space with a “court of honour” as an access sitation along Chausseestrasse, offering residential forms on the southern perimeter development, then more transparently and openly to the Pankepark in the west. 

The grade 1 security core building is in the centre, surrounded by access systems and with the office suites attached to them. The offices have circular structure that means individual departments can grow and shrink flexibly, prviding a robust basic structure for the agency that will remain viable in the future. The project was developed in co-operation with KCAP/ASTOC and AS&P Albert Speer und Partner.


260.000 sqm


ASP Architekten Schweger Partner Schneider Kohl Meyer