Hannover / 2014

Recognition Design Competition

This building ensemble will form an integral part of the planned ”New Quarter“ completing the existing urban context with its clear periphery. At the same time the exceptional arrangement of this group of buildings as a gate to the quarter is emphasized through its striking and plastic architecture. 

The clear block edge facing Podbielskistraße is formed by the five-storey office building which, due to its position, protects the residential construction. The latter is composed of three individual house groups which together with the office building form the perimeter around the calm courtyard area. The partial opening of the courtyard as well as its different levels and heights intertwine the block with the open and green building structure of the neighbouring area towards the south. The residential construction comprises three house groups each of them with symmetrically arranged individual residential units which have a clear address. 

The office building is divided into three sections which are made even more evident by the two slight curves of the face of the building and the set-offs in the highest storey. 

The outer appearance blends into the characteristic style of the entire new quarter and emphasizes the special features of this ensemble. The dominating material is light brickwork which appears in a differentiating manner in both building types.


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partnerschaft mbB