Hannover / 2007

Townplanning Competition - Honorable Mention

A plan for a new city square is to be drawn up as an enhancement to the existing block structure of the city. This space is considerably smaller than the present open area opposite. It is spatially clearly defined and so forms a distinct sequence in the space interval of the Laves’ axis. The Lange Laube retains the character of a classical avenue. However, its motif will be a completely new interpretation and thematically relates to the Herrenhäuser Gardens as the objective of the Laves’ Avenue. A double row of geometrically trimmed lined trees and rhythmic columns of light shape the new image of this avenue. The lines of trees are composed of trimmed lime which combined with the columns of light generate a distinct countenance on the bicycle street and presents a strong character for the Lange Laube.


45.000 sqm


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner