Hochschule HAWK

Hildesheim / 2010

Realization Competition last round

A shared university campus as a spatial concentration in the Hohnsen/Goschentor/Weinberg area is intended to create synergies in terms of economy and content strengthening both the performance and the profile of the University of Applied Science and Arts. 

Originally the plot which is located outside the medieval town was used for farming by the monastery and was then partially converted into an English park landscape and later into the municipal hospital premises, initially with detached buildings. More recently, with new buildings and extensions it was converted into more complex hospital facilities. 

Within this redevelopment there will be the possibility of re-emphasizing the park landscape as a central element for the campus and urban living. The intention is to allow the green space qualities of the park landscape to superimpose the principle of clear arrangement and access. Listed buildings and others which allow for long-term use for university purposes will be complemented by new buildings which will integrate the elements, new and old, into scale context and will open up the campus as a place for communication for the university and the city. The central complex of the hospital will be transformed and bordered by new connecting pathways in the north and on the central square. These new connecting pathways provide open spaces for interaction, information and exhibitions which will present the activities of the university also to the general public.


40.000 sqm


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner