Hannover / 2012

Realization Competition 1st Prize

The concept of this project is based on a balanced synthesis of preservation and renewal whilst revaluating and sustainably securing the existing quality features. These new apartments on the car park constitute a new green element in the roofscape of the city centre of Hanover and at the same time composes the upper closure and an integral part of the building in its entirety. With the new facade, the architectural expression of classical modern style is further systematically developed with contemporary means and its emblematic effect is considerably enhanced. The apartments are set back on all sides from the existing eaves and are surrounded by a spacious terrace area. The layout of the apartments floor plan is based on a clear modular arrangement. On this basis, with differentiated degrees of opening and enclosure of the space defining elements, individual apartments for individual life styles in varying dimensions can be realized. The difference of the level of the storeys is potentialized on the west side by planning exceptional rooms with higher ceilings or alternatively two-storey living space with a gallery in a split-level concept. Due to the reconstruction of the fa├žade, the building will be given an innovative, future-oriented image without the necessity of rearranging the existing tectonics. Horizontal layering as a theme is taken up and transformed into a multi-layer, eye-catching banding. Bright slats made from white painted sheet metal alternate rhyth-mically with the open slats, which contain a lightly recessed panel made of expanded metal fields divided into sections.


Facades and 2.000 sqm Residences


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner