Hannover / 2011

Realization Competition 3rd Prize

This exceptional building is based on a concise basic shape and due to differentiated plasticity has the effect of a crystalline sculpture. The development of its height correlates with the three scale levels surrounding it: the small-scale residential street, the superordinate urban road and the central square. The resulting clear, fanned-out new periphery in connection with the Nord LB building constitutes an appealing surround for the Theater am Aegi.In analogy to a small-scale town, the centre of the building is formed by a square on the office levels where all the staggered corridors converge. This is where vertical access is provided through a set of elevators and an open spatial stairway which connect all the levels with each other.

The building structure is based on a simple, continuous and orthogonal system, allowing for diversified and flexible office use. Classic individual offices as well as group rooms as team offices.


14.500 sqm


ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partner