Hanover / 2017

The building of Schlossküche from 2000, located in the Große Garten, was to be extended by an area separately used for banquets and events. A direct connection to the existing kitchen was established. The existing building was the result of the 1st prize of an open architectural competition including international participation in 1997. At the time, the jury presided by Professor Schattner underlined the elegant plainness and simplicity of the work describing it as follows: “Passing through layers, stagings and sceneries of the Große Garten is smartly translated into the language of architecture.”

The basic design theme of making the Schlossküche seem less of a building and instead continuing the spatial effect of the neatly cut hedges of the baroque garden, has proven to be future-oriented, as indeed, it perfectly blends in with the reconstructed palace. The extension building picks up on the design principles of the existing building at the same time putting an emphasis on the independent nature of the new development. The new building presents itself as a “tent” with a striking steel construction put up in front of the existing Schlossküche referencing the Laves lenticular bridge, and translucent glass walls. A narrow air slit between the existing and the new building facilitates the construction work, provides for good lighting during the day, with illumination at night and for modern serving from the kitchen.

Some of the materials, e.g. light natural stone, dark parquet flooring, mosaic tiles and the light glazed oak panelling of the curved ceiling establish a connection between the new and the old building. 


Herrenhausen Verwaltungs GmbH




ASP Schneider Meyer Partnerschaft mbB