House of german construction industry

Berlin / 1998

Competition 1st Prize

The Federation of the German Construction Industry chose a site for its new headquarters near Lützowplatz, at some distance from the large building sites around Potsdamer Platz. The strictly symmetric street facade of grey-green cast stone and glass slats flush with the surface in front of the recessed windows mirrors the structure of the building on the outside, as does the south-facing courtyard facade with its metal blinds which are foldable sideways.

The glass lamellae facade on Kurfürstenstraße provides a high measure of noise control while making it possible to let in fresh air by opening the windows. The movable elements of the south-facing courtyard facade provide the necessary shading. The area in the outer lobby immediately inside the main entrance makes a generously dimensioned exhibition gallery. It symbolizes the outreach of the Federation into public life. The inner lobby and the conference rooms on the garden side provide the formal framework for various meetings and events.

The interior atmosphere is determined by the warm hue of cherrywood. Gustav Lange designed the rear garden court. He built walls of stone with water filtering through them all the time, and green islands planted with Japanese cherry trees to create a place for quiet reflection.


Federation of German Construction Industry




3.500 sqm


LP 2-8 Architekten Schweger + Partner Schweger Reifenstein Kohl Schneider Meyer