Hanover / 2017

1st Price Design Competition

The conversion of the Windmühlenstraße car park constitutes a balanced synthesis of conservation and renovation upgrading and sustainably maintaining the existing features. The new residential development on the car park on the basis of the design by Cityförster forms an exceptional element of the roof landscape of downtown Hanover, simultaneously being the top and an integral part of the entire building. ASP Architekten were awarded the 1st prize for the façade design of the “open” car park. By converting the façade, the building is given a new, future-proof image. The topic of horizontal layering is transformed into a multi-layer, striking banding underlining the split level parking on the outside. Brightly shining strips of metal sheets with a white finish rhythmically alternate with open strips containing a retracted filling of expanded metal panels. ASP Architekten developed the detailed design on behalf of Arge Wilhelm Wallbrecht GmbH & Co. KG/GP Papenburg Hochbau GmbH.




Union Boden


Façade 2016


Work stages 1 – 5, 8 partly ASP Architekten Schneider Meyer Partnerschaft mbB